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Areas of Research

Salmotrip: Feasibilty study of Triploid Atlantic Salmon Production 2008-2010

Family Performance

Correct broodstock selection is essential for achieving optimal culture performance in offspring.


The aim is to determine the interaction of family and ploidy on salmon performances. Evaluation of best families on traits of interest (growth, flesh quality, disease resistance etc…) observed in field trials by genotyping.

Culture Sensitivity


O2/Temp vs. Respiration



Triploids may be less tolerant to suboptimal conditions due to cellular physiology and occurrence of deformity.

The aim is to determine which environmental conditions and husbandry procedures and/or combinations thereof are detrimental to triploid welfare.

Out-Of-Season Smolts (S0)

Effect of triploidy on out-of-season smoltification has not been investigated to date and determining and/or limiting factors are unknown.



Commercial Field Trials

Full scale field trials to evaluate triploid and family performance under commercial conditions (egg to market size).

Market Perception

The aim is to assess consumer perception, product acceptance/quality and develop marketing strategies for triploid salmon.